Coming soon.....

Posted by: schofiel

Coming soon..... - 02/05/2009 12:23

... an empeg event, near YOU!

Watch this space....
Posted by: tfabris

Re: Coming soon..... - 02/05/2009 19:15

Define terms: "near", "you".

Posted by: schofiel

Re: Coming soon..... - 29/05/2009 19:12

OK folks, start saving those pennies, dollars or euros...

.. and start thinking about the event of the summer! smile

I have a provisional date of the next empeg meet for Friday 21st. - Saturday 22nd. - Sunday 23rd. August, with lots of exciting things happening!

You KNOW you wanna be there, you really do...
Posted by: schofiel

Re: Coming soon..... - 21/08/2009 14:41

As you have no doubt noted, the event isn't happening as planned. I am still palanning to run an event later this year, probably around the end of September to mid October.

I'm sorry about this - the hotel I was planning to use has been unco-operative so I have dumped them and now have to try an alternative venue.

Watch this space!
Posted by: wfaulk

Re: Coming soon..... - 21/08/2009 17:17

Excellent! Those dates work out better for me anyway. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Posted by: wfaulk

Re: Coming soon..... - 13/10/2009 12:11

Is there anything any of us can do to help, Rob?