Which empeg/Rio employees post messages here?

Posted by: tfabris

Which empeg/Rio employees post messages here? - 03/01/2002 18:00

I've heard that people from empeg/Rio read and post messages on this BBS. Who are they?

(This list to be updated by BBS moderators from time to time):

Altman: Hugo Fiennes, founder of empeg.
Rob: Rob Voisey, former operations manager. Moved on, but still participates here.
Mac: Mike Crowe, programmer.
John: John Ripley, programmer.
Roger: Roger Lipscombe, programmer ("Guy in corner" according to his profile). - Has now left the company
David: David Moss, customer service. - Has now left the company.
Pca: Patrick Arnold, design engineer. Not an employee, but works with them frequently.
Prolux: Toby Duckworth, visuals programmer.
Peter: Peter Hartley, programmer.
TimE and TME: Tim Esau, former Rio product manager.
JonnyGee: John Graley, programmer.
schofiel: Rob Schofield, formerly customer support, now doing third party player repairs in his spare time.

In general, these people post with a blue name, though this color does not show on many of their older posts.

They post here in an unofficial capacity. This BBS is not owned, operated or financed by empeg/Rio. or any of its employees, although some of them have "moderator" privileges for the BBS's forums. This BBS was owned and operated by one of empeg's customers: Paul Harrington, who goes by "PaulH" on this BBS. It is now operated on servers owned by Vito Miliano of Perilith, and maintained by Tom Cramer, "Drakino" here on the boards.