2 Wishes: Fast Scrolling & Reset option in on Rio

Posted by: plympton

2 Wishes: Fast Scrolling & Reset option in on Rio - 20/11/2004 18:48

1. Fast scrolling - take a note from Apple's iPod - the more you scroll, the faster you scroll. That, or enable a secondary option when a list is > than, say, 100 items.
Examples: While scrolling through a list of 300 artists, and you want "Landslide", you currently have to scroll.. and scroll.. and scroll. What if, after 1 second of scrolling, (20 items?), it starts skipping 2 items at a time. After 2 seconds, it starts skipping 3 items at at time, etc. Therefore, you get to Landslide faster. There are more ways to do this, of course, but that's just off the top of my head. You could also do a test - save time "n" for the first click, and "n+1" for the next click, and of the difference is < 10 ms, you skip 10 items, 11-20 ms, you skip 5 items, 21-50ms, you skip 3, etc...

Another option would be that if the list is > 100 items, say, it does an alphabetical sort 1st, and presents an 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C...X,Y,Z list, and you select from there. Then, you get presented with just that letter's sub-list.

If you can point out where this is in the code, I'll take a look myself! (but damn, I'm bad *and* rusty at Java).

2. The second wish, is to put an item in the Rio Receiver's front panel a "Reset Server" option. I currently have mine set to auto-reset every night at 4:00 am, because I get a display failure after a certain amount of time (display works, but doesn't refresh). I'd prefer to have it NOT auto-reset (since that biffs the play-queue for that receiver), and have the option to limp there from the front panel.

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Posted by: tfabris

Re: 2 Wishes: Fast Scrolling & Reset option in on Rio - 20/11/2004 19:27

Yeah, it's too bad there's no software development happening on the Rio Receiver any more.

Have you tried any of the third-party open-source alternatives?