Another Wish

Posted by: The Central Guy

Another Wish - 27/12/2002 11:36

I thought of another item for the wish list...Most of my listening on the Rio Central and also the connected Rio Receiver is by Artist. So sometimes while I'm listening to all of the CDs from a particular artist, I feel the desire to switch to some different music.

It would be SO convenient if there was a way to switch to the Next Artist on the Central (or the Receiver) without having to start from scratch on the menu and work my way through everything...I suppose this would be easier to implement on the Central, but maybe some sort of rocker switch position labeled "Next Artist?" That would be a nice little feature....


Posted by: tfabris

Re: Another Wish - 27/12/2002 11:47

A feature that people have been asking for on the Rio Car for a long time is a "next playlist" button, which is a similar concept.