Emplode 2.0 Crashes on Renaming Album

Posted by: matthew_k

Emplode 2.0 Crashes on Renaming Album - 20/06/2004 13:15

If I use Emplode to try and rename a soup album, it crashes either on the right click to rename it or when you click OK once you've entered a new name for it.

Should I be using the last 1.0 version of emplode installed? Will they both coexist peacefully?

This of course is only discovered after typing in a few obscure albums woth of song titles.

Posted by: tfabris

Re: Emplode 2.0 Crashes on Renaming Album - 21/06/2004 10:51

Haven't seen your particular crash myself, but I've seen emplode crash on the refreshes of the left-hand pane sometimes. For example, the crash doesn't happen when you rename the album, the crash happens if you try to click on the album in the left-hand "tree" pane immediately after renaming it. (It's trying to refresh the left-hand pane with the new album name and when you click on the old name I think it's a null pointer or something.)

Are you using 2.0 *final* by the way? That's the one you should be using. I wouldn't use a 1.0 version, although I think they can coexist peacefully if you make sure to install to a different directory, so you're welcome to try that.

If you're connecting to the Central with Ethernet, I'd recommend trying Jemplode, which I don't think has that crash bug. You can create hierarchical playlists with it, and any Rio Receivers connected to the central will be able to play them.
Posted by: matthew_k

Re: Emplode 2.0 Crashes on Renaming Album - 21/06/2004 11:27

Yeah, I decided Emplode 2.0 just wasn't stable with the Central. After that bug, I managed to get emplode into a state where any changes I made seemed to work until I synced at which point they just disappeared. Tried this multiple times, same symptoms. Exited Emplode, started Jemplode, and got a XP BSOD, which was a first for this nearly new installation of XP.

Did a bit more with Jemplode and everything seemed to be working right, so that's my fix for the moment.

Posted by: tfabris

Re: Emplode 2.0 Crashes on Renaming Album - 21/06/2004 14:04

I've never had emplode 2.0 do that to me on the Central, but at least Jemplode is doing the trick for you so that's cool. Since I'm doing hierarchical playlists on the Central lately, I'm more or less stuck with using Jemplode-only for it now.
Posted by: The Central Guy

Re: Emplode 2.0 Crashes on Renaming Album - 28/06/2004 20:34

I, too, have had this happen using Emplode 2.0. And like Matthew, it seems to happen when changing the name of an entire CD or artist on the left pane.

One of the first things I learned about the Emplode software is that the key to success is to only be doing "one thing": When using Emplode, no playing of music should be occurring, and no ripping of CDs should be going on. If I try to do more than one thing at a time, a crash will occur.

So, back to Matthew's problem...After some time, I have developed a bit of a work-around for the "crashing" problem. I can sucessfully change the name of an entire CD or Artist if it is one of the first things done in a new session or after a fresh re-sync. I've discovered that I only get this error after I've made other song title changes, etc. and then get the error when trying to change the title of an Artist or CD where the change has to be propagated to each song contained underneath. So doing this type of change early in the session seems to work for me.

Another thing I've been doing is doing a re-sync after making a modest number of changes to avoid the crash (not very convenient and certainly very time-consuming since I have a 120GB drive and lots of tunes to index).

I also just took a look at jEmplode and have started to use it, but I haven't gotten too deep into it just yet. I'll experiment with it some more and see if it is a better solution for me to use.....