jEmplode 70

Posted by: mschrag

jEmplode 70 - 05/08/2005 01:23

About a 5 line change in this version

I'm HOPING this fixes all the funky unreferenced playlist-related problems. If you already had unref'd playlists, obviously it will do the same as it used to, but hopefully new imports shouldn't be as goofy. Let me know.
Posted by: TigerJimmy

Re: jEmplode 70 - 07/08/2005 23:37

I'm sort of late to this issue. I don't know if my experience is related to unreferenced playlists or not.

Using the 69.000...1 version, it moved several playlists around on me. Specifically, it moved playlists which were sub-playlists to the root level. I am not using soups.

Let me know if I can help in any way.



Oh, PS: what kind of dog is that. He's really cool looking!
Posted by: wfaulk

Re: jEmplode 70 - 08/08/2005 00:17

Yes, that's the same issue.
Posted by: wfaulk

Re: jEmplode 70 - 08/08/2005 13:31

Here's another thing you might want to look at.

When I create a new playlist and put tracks in it, it always seems to fill out the playlist's various metadata with "Various", despite it being a single album. Not really a big deal, but annoying.

When I get a jEmplode and empeg in front of me next, I'll let you know more.
Posted by: wfaulk

Re: jEmplode 70 - 08/08/2005 15:22

Oh, and here's a tip: When you do a refs=0 search and you see a playlist named "Playlists" or "empeg-car" or maybe whatever the name of your player is, don't delete that. That's the root playlist. Deleting it can screw a bunch of stuff up, apparently. Maybe that shouldn't show up in a refs=0 search?
Posted by: chuckcheeze

Re: jEmplode 70 - 08/08/2005 15:24

is the new jemplode v70 up?

when i download it, i did notice a new splash screen, but it the title bar is v69?

just asking. thanks
Posted by: wfaulk

Re: jEmplode 70 - 08/08/2005 15:28

Okay, so here's how to reproduce the "various" bug I'm talking about. Go to an existing playlist. (In my case, the already existing artist playlist off of the root playlist.) Click the "New Tune Directory" button. Select the directory to be imported. (In my case, the directory that holds the mp3s for the new album I just ripped.) A new playlist is created. It has "Various" set in its metadata for Artist, Genre, Source, and Year, despite the fact that all of those pieces of data for the included tracks are the same. If I bring up the properties dialog, those fields are colored in yellow (instead of the normal blue-grey), but no text appears there; it shows "Various" in the advanced tab.
Posted by: mschrag

Re: jEmplode 70 - 08/08/2005 16:23

Ah yeah I forgot to change the version # ... I hate that version number. I always forget to change it.
Posted by: mschrag

Re: jEmplode 70 - 08/08/2005 16:25

Re: refs=0 -- That's actually kind of a tricky fix, because those predicates evaluate on their own, so there's not an easy way to make playlists not appear w/o a bunch of weird hacks. HOWEVER, Playlists should probably not be deletable.
Posted by: frog51

Re: jEmplode 70 - 08/08/2005 17:57

Hahaha - I thought it was deliberate.

Posted by: JeffreyB

Re: jEmplode 70 - 09/08/2005 22:27

Did 70 fix the "Build From Memory" bug???

Posted by: mschrag

Re: jEmplode 70 - 09/08/2005 23:53

Posted by: Thorgal

Re: jEmplode 70 - 19/08/2005 18:27

Hi Sorry for this question, but on my PC with Swiss French regional settings, the shortcut to move up-down a item in the playlist, show me Ctrl+Haut and Ctrl+Bas. Which mean Ctrl+Up and Down in english...
BUT, it dows not work... I have to click manually the MenuItem to move an item.
Is it normal ? Or what is supposed to be the "correct " shortcut ?

Posted by: Defiler

Re: jEmplode 70 - 20/08/2005 21:21

I get a 404 on the "latest source" download link.
WIll that be back someday?
Posted by: LittleBlueThing

Re: jEmplode 70 - 12/12/2007 07:28

anyone got any idea what these changes were?