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Jump to new posts Re: I made a Bluetooth interface. by mlord @ 48 minutes 51 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: larry818Did you check your compressor to see if it even has a clutch? A lot of new cars don't, they have a modulating valve built into the compressor and just allow it to bypass when not needed. Dunno, but it could be somethi
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Jump to new posts Re: Aging Mac Mini user by gbeer @ Yesterday at 23:52

My 09 MacBook definitely benifited from an ssd and ram upgrade a few years ago. But it's hit it's EOL. Newer OS versions won't run on it. I suspect it's replacement will be one of the up to date iMacs.
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Ah? Oh well, doesn't matter. I've already got it covered with that widget. An added dot will be bonus. Thanks for the info!
Thanks so much for all these tips, everyone! I already purchased heatsinks to attach to the 7805's and was intending to test everything carefully to make sure that the heat wasn't a problem.
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Jump to new posts Re: iPhone to Android by Dignan @ 18/10/2017 06:43

Quick update: Things are going pretty well. And by pretty well, I've replaced a bunch of my home automation devices with HomeKit compatible ones, and I've installed an AppleTV. I'm pretty much all in at this point. I've been keeping a running list