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Technical / Troubleshooting
Jump to new posts Re: HELP - Emplode won't see players by hothaus1 @ 35 minutes 35 seconds ago

OK I have the same problem here - Can't get emplode on windows 10 (or windows 7 64 bit either) to see my player, via USB or ethernet connection. So I am going to pick up a serial to USB adapter. There seems to be quite a variation in prices, does it
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Jump to new posts Re: Wet string better than my copper by tfabris @ Today at 21:32

LOL Tweeting that.
Jump to new posts Re: BlueGigaEmpeg by tfabris @ Today at 20:04

Mark, thanks so much for doing all this stuff to Hijack for this project. It's super helpful. Quote:Initially, I tried to suppress it on a "group of lines" basis. But it quickly became apparent that this wouldn't really work well, or at le
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Jump to new posts Re: New Apple Gear (iPhone 6 / Watch) by Faolan @ Today at 15:35

Originally Posted By: andySadly there is no Apple iPhone Smart Battery case for the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. All iPhone 7 cases work on iPhone 8 devices including the Smart Battery, though Apple isnít officially stating compatibility. Likely to avoid f
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Jump to new posts Re: New house, new wifi - so many choices by Phoenix42 @ Yesterday at 14:16

Thanks Matt, that makes sense. I've minimal networking knowledge, so I'll be sticking with the USG and the UniFi Controller GUI. I do wish it came with more ports, only the tiniest of environments can escape with out adding a switch. That is impress
Jump to new posts Re: Dead Compact Flash Card -- Boo.... by Roger @ Yesterday at 12:03

Code:rw ; rwm
For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: FS. Different empeg hardware by benjammin @ Yesterday at 02:38

I've been equally bad about checking in and the website hasn't been emailing response notifications. So now that's it's 5 months later -- is the list still valid? I've been pondering some extra spare parts lately. -Ben
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Jump to new posts Re: First F1 Race - Suggestions? by Tim @ 11/12/2017 13:19

The folks we met up with had a list of places to try, so I was just kind of dragged around for food. My brother tried to take me out to a couple places he really likes, but nobody took reservations and there was at least a 90 minute wait (according
Jump to new posts Re: Final custom 3D fascia models by tfabris @ 10/12/2017 22:44

Thanks so much, guys!
Jump to new posts Re: Empeg mk2 -- Still going!! by BartDG @ 10/12/2017 17:44

Originally Posted By: jmwkingYeah - I'd love someone (far more capable than I) to port it to ios and android. Agreed! Ik would love it if someone would create an Android or iOS app that would emulate whatever magic it is that the Empeg does, with th
Jump to new posts Re: 20th Birthday Party, 2018 by benjammin @ 09/12/2017 21:59

awww... both very far from Illinois. maybe we could do an online Google Hangout thing too so those of us far away can "remote" in? -Ben
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Jump to new posts Re: Homekit is nice...really nice by Dignan @ 09/12/2017 03:58

I forgot to update this thread. I've gone a little crazy... I now have 24 Hue bulbs*, 8 Hue dimmer switches, 2 Hue Taps, 2 Hue motion sensors, 17 Lutron Caseta dimmer switches (with 8 pico remotes in 3-way switch locations), and one iHome plugin sw
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Jump to new posts Re: Outlook, Exchange, and numbered lists by DWallach @ 08/12/2017 02:03

When in doubt, go have a look at the raw message, which will (hopefully) be in a tolerable mangle of HTML and see if it's properly structured as HTML. There may also be a plaintext alternative version in there worth peeking at as well.