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Jump to new posts Re: Narrow speaker by K447 @ Today at 03:25

May I suggest putting a compact 'bookshelf' speaker on the existing shelf where the small white electronic doo-dad thingy is sitting? You can buy a white speaker, or paint one.
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Hi all, I have an Empeg Mk 2 up on eBay, hoping it finds a good new home! Ebay Link 2 HDs, 64 GB Capacity 2 Sleds (both from prior installs, so some unused wires trimmed, some of the less commonly used wires may need some attention. Standar
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Jump to new posts Re: Backup Problem by tanstaafl. @ 27/04/2017 21:42

Originally Posted By: Phoenix42My 6 & 9 year old both enjoy Randall's What If? and Thing Explainer books.FWIW, "What If" is currently available on Amazon as an Amazon Prime free book. I just downloaded it. tanstaafl.
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Jump to new posts Re: Slow Macs? by Dignan @ 27/04/2017 00:54

Ah I see. Yes, this is a different computer without the malware history. I was under the impression that Disk Utility would bring the recovery partition over. There was one thread I found where someone was recommending CCC but mentioned one of its d
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Jump to new posts Re: Advice: Comp Sci or Software Eng? by DWallach @ 25/04/2017 20:53

Originally Posted By: drakinoCurious Dan about the program at your school, are ethics and humanities classes optional or required on the computer science side? Sounds like there's some of it more on the software engineering route akin to bridge engi
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Jump to new posts Re: Odd Linux (RH) Install Disc Issue by Shonky @ 25/04/2017 05:12

Yeah turn off UEFI and/or secure boot. Or what about a USB install? It's not likely to fix issue with UEFI etc but you never know.
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Jump to new posts Re: In-wall network enclosure? by Dignan @ 25/04/2017 01:45

Originally Posted By: canuckInOROriginally Posted By: DignanI went with that model because it's the only one that was plastic. I figured it couldn't hurt to give the wireless signals from my router the best possible chance. I think if I were going to
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Jump to new posts Re: Emplode crashes when selecting album for deletion by LittleBlueThing @ 24/04/2017 14:29

source? I thought we decided emplode and the car player were evidence of Boltzmann brains?