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Installation Notes
Speaking of working on that center cubby, I'm stick these here for future ref:
Off Topic
Indeed, that's the *behavior* I observed, but I couldn't find any documentation which explicitly said so in a clear fashion. Thanks!
Technical / Troubleshooting
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Quote:It would appear that the remote turn on relay is the culprit. Yeah, makes sense. I suggested it because I seemed to remember seeing, at some point, a situation where a problem with the amp remote wire made the player's display stay fully &quo
Jump to new posts Re: Empeg mk2 -- Still going!! by tfabris @ 17/07/2017 20:21

I've been using mine every day up until last Thursday when my car got rear-ended. If they total the car, I'm thinking of getting a new car with all the touchyscreeny stuff, and so I'll have to work out how to install an Empeg into it as an add-on to