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Jump to new posts Re: Dang... by Dignan @ Yesterday at 02:41

Originally Posted By: canuckInOROriginally Posted By: DWallach(Will G+ be long for this world? It wasn't particularly mentioned at all during Google I/O.) It hasn't been particularly mentioned at all, nearly anywhere, for a long time. There was a tim
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Jump to new posts Re: Anker by DWallach @ 23/05/2017 13:05

I mostly bought the Hootoo thing because I wanted a SD card reader and more USB slots on some occasions. The Dell is otherwise my go-to adapter.
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Jump to new posts Re: VPNs and geoshifting by JBjorgen @ 18/05/2017 16:46

Originally Posted By: larry818Have you considered getting a friend here to set up a VPN for you at their house/work? Any volunteers ? I could do it at the company that I used to work for, but unfortunately they'll be closing their doors this summ