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Jump to new posts Re: I made a Bluetooth interface. by tfabris @ Yesterday at 22:14

Final version of BlueGigaEmpeg now here:
Jump to new posts Re: BlueGigaEmpeg by tfabris @ Yesterday at 22:13

Final project is ready:
Installation Notes
I now consider this problem solved.
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Jump to new posts Re: Recommendation needed... by tfabris @ Yesterday at 22:10

Originally Posted By: canuckInORBut will a file manager queue up a file in an already opened media player? On Windows, WinAmp (at least, the old old version I'm using) will do that. It's a configuration option, I think the option is called "enq
Thanks so much! Couldn't have done it without your help.
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Jump to new posts Re: A big transition for me by jmwking @ Yesterday at 00:35

My kids laugh at all my auto-starting windows and tabs, one of which is here - and has been for ages. (However long "ages" might be in our internet age...) -jk
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Jump to new posts Two speakers or one stereo? by Dignan @ 21/02/2018 20:52

I'm thinking of putting in-ceiling speakers in parts of my house, possibly going back to a multi-room amp in my hall closet. One thing I'm pondering is whether I should install two speakers (one for the left channel and one for right) or one stereo
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Jump to new posts Re: Xbox Gaming Headsets: Comfort / Ear Size by Dignan @ 19/02/2018 02:08

When I have questions like this, I've actually found Amazon Answers to be very helpful. If you find a couple sets that you think might work, you could ask for the interior dimensions of the pads and chances are that someone will help out and measure
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Jump to new posts Re: iPhone Camera by Dignan @ 18/02/2018 04:04

Originally Posted By: K447Originally Posted By: DignanOriginally Posted By: K447What iPhone model are you using? It's an 8 plus. The other photo was from a first-gen Pixel XL. The photos I take with my phone look great on the phone unless I zoom in