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Jump to new posts rsyncing between the Mac and Linux by andy @ Today at 08:37

Today I learned about the rsync "iconv" option. I can now rsync my music library from my Linux server to the Mac without breaking accented characters. (also involved upgrading rsync on the Mac)
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Jump to new posts Re: Empeg-like player for iOS? by tfabris @ Yesterday at 20:04

Some google searches say that there are a lot of alternative IOS music player apps out there:
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Jump to new posts You just can't win. by gbeer @ Yesterday at 03:05

My moms DTV account was initially set up for service in three rooms. That was a long time before HD. One room had a TiVo receiver and a $10/mo charge for that. With the change to HD service (two rooms only) the TiVo was discarded. But the charge re
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I ran into the keyboard differences with my first Mac too. Went down the same route too. But eventually ripped out the changes. You can only read so many native Mac instructions that say use Option+somekey only to remember too late that your fiddli
For Sale
Hi folks, I have a **never used** Rio Car Mk2a RD100-60 for sale! I bought it brand-new several years ago from some chap here on (he sold it to me as a brand new, unused item). But I never got around to installing it in my car, so it's
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Jump to new posts Re: Advice: Comp Sci or Software Eng? by DWallach @ 22/03/2017 00:40

Totally biased answer on my part, as I teach students pursuing computer science degrees, but... The essence of computer science is learning ideas that have a long shelf life, and incidentally learning how to program. As such, a CS degree will typica
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Jump to new posts Re: USB-C and two or three monitors by Dignan @ 21/03/2017 18:13

Originally Posted By: mlordOriginally Posted By: ShonkyVGA can probably be forgotten. Not for another decade or so. All of those conference rooms with video projection capabilities.. VGA. But yeah, probably just need a separate dongle for those who