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Jump to new posts Re: The Pumpkin by mlord @ Today at 03:10

Originally Posted By: sn00pNot least of all because it's bigger than our house! Darn living in London! Probably not really, but thanks. One thing we have noted is that our vegetable patch (currenly covered by 3' of ice and snow) is about the size
Technical / Troubleshooting
One thought: does your empeg have the "capacitor fix" applied, or is it new enough (RioCar) not to require it?
Plus somewhat more recent from here:
empeg/Rio Car FAQ
Jump to new posts Re: Where did all the FAQ entries go? by tfabris @ 17/02/2017 22:38

At the time of this writing, RioCar.Org is down. Owner of the files is planning to make a static version of the FAQ available when he gets a chance to dig the entries out of his database backup.
Technical / Troubleshooting
Unzip to a special folder on your hard disk. Double-click on "drive_faq.htm".
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Jump to new posts Re: Unix Gurus/Synology Stupidity by tfabris @ 16/02/2017 05:24

Crap, I got my model number wrong, it's a 214play and doesn't have a /dev/rdi/renderD128 device. Shame, since the unit does indeed have an intel chip with transcoding capability.