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Yes, very cool how the system itself can be adapted via a widget. On the other hand: I've just read that notifications is one of the prime novelties of Android 8 (Oreo), so it looks like counters on icons will be implemented anyway, once Samsung ro
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Originally Posted By: mlordOriginally Posted By: tahir.. displays the track info while playing and the time in standb ... that'll play with Spotify and my local media collection)? The Roberts 93i has that functionality (and a lot more), with good b
Jump to new posts Re: I made a Bluetooth interface. by tfabris @ Today at 00:13

That makes sense. I have a lot of information about how this thing works, and also a lot of information about things that are still not working about it, I could send you what I've got privately. I'm finding that there are quirks about its initial h
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Jump to new posts Re: Should I kill my wifi? by jmwking @ Yesterday at 23:51

OK, I think there's a firmware update to apply shortly. ("Shortly" likely being in a few days, alas...) -jk
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Jump to new posts Re: First F1 Race - Suggestions? by mlord @ Yesterday at 19:52

Should be plenty. The current generation hybrid electric engines are considerably less howling than the previous generation non-hybrids.
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Jump to new posts Re: Cleanly adding a WiFi IP camera? by tfabris @ 11/10/2017 19:14

Originally Posted By: DignanIs there any kind of secure box for a power outlet? I'd like to put something around it so that it can't be bumped out accidentally, or someone can't just go "hey this would be a convenient place to plug in the vacuum
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Somehow I am thinking that if it indeed was implemented as a spreadsheet, this would be a rather fragile and error prone creature. I could imagine thousands of updates per year, if not per week. Possibly by many different people. Scheduled rate