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#368516 - 25/03/2017 03:05 You just can't win.
carpal tunnel

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My moms DTV account was initially set up for service in three rooms. That was a long time before HD. One room had a TiVo receiver and a $10/mo charge for that.

With the change to HD service (two rooms only) the TiVo was discarded. But the charge remained. For a long time it remained. I recently spotted this and called DTV on it. They removed the charge.

The total on the next bill was $.50 higher. The basic service went up about $5 and a regional sports fee went up about the same.

#368526 - 27/03/2017 19:09 Re: You just can't win. [Re: gbeer]

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Call them again to talk about cancelling and switching to another provider. The bill should get better after that.

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