Thanks, but i'm still not totally clear...

Quote: "everything starting with "LA V" or "LA T" or "LA U" is on the screen"

Where have the letters JK and BC gone to in all this please?

I assumed the fuzzy logic meant it searched for all combinations?

It does, the description in the FAQ isn't as clear as it could be.

If you follow the example in the FAQ, but also had a song on your player with the title "Katherine" then that song would also match. The matched songs are displayed in alphabetical order, so you would see:
  • Katherine
  • La Tonya
  • La Villa Strangiato

In fact you would see any songs listed that began with any of these 27 combinations of letters:
  • JAT
  • JAU
  • JAV
  • KAT
  • KAU
  • KAV
  • LAT
  • LAU
  • LAV
  • JBT
  • JBU
  • JBV
  • KBT
  • KBU
  • KBV
  • LBT
  • LBU
  • LBV
  • JCT
  • JCU
  • JCV
  • KCT
  • KCU
  • KCV
  • LCT
  • LCU
  • LCV

It works just the same way that predictive text on a mobile phone works (though on a mobile you tend to only see the most likely match, rather than a list of all of the matches).
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