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I would get equally motion-sick from this, or from a headset view, either with a race car or a quadcopter. With video games and theme park rides, they can tweak the controls/movements/view so that it reduces the tendency for motion sickness. For the
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Jump to new posts Re: Patch panel vs keystone? by Dignan @ 22/08/2019 13:28

The boxes to the left of the rack, btw, are access control boxes for the six doors they hired me wire up. I just finished installing and wiring those last night.
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Jump to new posts Re: NAS says disk bad, but also not bad by Dignan @ 20/08/2019 18:17

Another vote here for a Synology. Yes, you could set up a FreeNAS but personally I have other things I want to be doing and I like not thinking about my storage device or spending much time setting it up. Mine's been running for years now and still g