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Jump to new posts Re: Weird hotel network problem by tfabris @ 17 minutes 32 seconds ago

Good question about the VPN option. I used to work for a company that makes corporate VPNs, so I'm intimately familiar with them. It's true that a VPN would likely have solved the problem as well. I should have at least tried it for another diagnost
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Jump to new posts Re: iTunes won't see all my files by tahir @ Yesterday at 18:08

Some of those old programmes were absolutely brilliant. I used to use Audiograbber to rip my CDs and MP3Manager developed in FoxBase by a guy called Petr for tagging etc. MediaMonkey etc are much more capable but nowhere near as easy to use. I reall
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Jump to new posts Re: CEC and ARC by Tim @ Yesterday at 15:43

I've never had my TV turn on unexpectedly (unless a cat sits on the remote). My issue is even stranger. While watching the XBox, occasionally the TV will change sources and show 'Live TV' (for some reason, something Runway). The audio won't change
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Jump to new posts Re: Leaving TiVo, maybe cutting the cord by mlord @ Yesterday at 13:30

Likewise! But over here at least, the built-in tuner of almost any TV from the past 7-8 years has as good reception for live viewing. Free! Just a paper-clip plugged into the coax jack will receive the strongest stations. Not that I ever watch
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Jump to new posts Re: NAS and Hard Drives by Taym @ 23/01/2022 20:42

Synology all the way. I've used several different 5 and 6 bay units, personally and professionally. They've ALL been great. And, they ALL still work. I am using a DS1512+ at home now. It's been in one of our branch offices, 24H, covered in dust, be