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Jump to new posts Re: CrashPlan ends personal service October 22 by tanstaafl. @ Yesterday at 17:56

Originally Posted By: ShonkyAnd when your house burns down, is flooded, hit by lightning or you're burgled or something like that?The house and interior walls are all brick and masonry, it won't burn down, valuables are in a fire safe in any case. Th
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Originally Posted By: tfabrisGood timing, Backblaze just published their most recent report on hard drive reliability: Nice! This only strengthens my faith in HGST drives! Originally Posted By: RogerYour disks are going to fail. Use RAID. You are g
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Jump to new posts Re: Inbound traffic analysis by mlord @ 17/10/2018 12:49

I seem to recall that the widespread DDOS vulnerability was due to too long of a "connection timeout" setting in the (Linux) firmware of those devices. If one has shell access, it is easily "fixed" until the next power cycle. So
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Jump to new posts Re: Mac experts: Prioritize ethernet over Wifi? by tfabris @ 15/10/2018 20:04

Originally Posted By: ShonkyInterface number being en0 or en10 should not be indicator of priority. It's a separate configuration. Yep. Sorry for not making it clear in my post: I understand this, I was merely listing the interface ID's because the