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Jump to new posts Re: Router recommendation by mlord @ 03/04/2020 14:45

Originally Posted By: Phoenix42I don't think your QoS priority flag has to be respected once it leaves your network. I'm open to correction. That's right. But these router firmwares use somewhat fancy algorithms to flow control things, thereby tri
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Jump to new posts Re: 10TB HDD by Taym @ 02/04/2020 23:20

Seagate Exos X14 Sata III [ST12000NM0008] 1200 GB, 7200 rpm 300. Not too bad. It's the best I could find on-line. Not on Amazon. I haven't bought a HDD in a local shop for more than a decade. I would not even know where to go.
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Jump to new posts Re: Corona Virus by Dignan @ 02/04/2020 23:02

Thanks, Rob, I'll look into that.