Hello Folks,

I have and Empeg running software version 3.00-alpah11 Receiver Edition, which essentially turns the Empeg into a Rio Receiver. It works well when being served by the Rio Audio Manager software, but I am disappointed at that server's support for playlists. All I can get are the soups, and those don't work for me. Playlists work also, but they cannot contain other playlists, so all I can create is a flat structure. If I could get hierarchical playlists, (e.g., a Playlist with other playlists as entries that when selected open up to display its contents), I would be happy. I would even be happy if it allowed me to navigate my server's folder structure (well, not that happy). Does anyone know of a server that will provide these? My limitation is that the server must run on Windows XP.

I have spent an enormous amount of time researching, and for the last half day embarked on trying Medianet but have not been able to make it work. The Empeg stays "Searching for Music.." forever. Tried all the workarounds and configurations of the server that have solved that problem for others, but all the cases I have read about are for actual Rio Receivers (or Dell), not for Empegs impersonating one.

Does any of the other servers support hierarchical playlists to create tree structures?

Will appreciate any pointers.