It's been a while since I've been to the forums. I'm a several empeg/riocar, two karma, one pearl and single Rio Central owner who hasn't really used these products much in the last few years.

But I have stayed current in one esoteric semi-related tech...as I've been writing drivers for cd/dvd duplication robots in my spare time, including writing drivers for dbpoweramp's batch ripper software (on a volunteer basis).

I was wondering what other Rio Central users (anyone here? hello? smile thought about the new generation of CD-ripping NAS units, such as dbpoweramp's RipNAS ( http://www.ripnas.com/ ) on sale next week or Ripfactory's Ripserver ( http://www.ripfactory.com/ripserver.html ) which has been out for 6-12 months?

I know they would only be 1/2 of a replacement of a Rio Central, and you'd still need Sonos or Slim Devices type equipment to complete the loop.