Hi guys,

It's been more 8 years when I bought my MkIIa, one of the latests sold, and it is still my favourite toy, and a surprise for new passengers in my car when I turn on the key and it shows its wake up animation. It has been monted on my old Seat Ibiza and then in my actual Seat Leon '02, together with a 75x4w amp and pcats tuner kit and still with a 6 year old 40Gb HDD which never failed. Near 400.000km together, which are lots of hours listening to it. From -20ºC in Alps to 50ºC of direct sun inside the car in the spanish summer.
Once a year I have a look at this site looking for some new stuff, now I'm uploading last hijack and some new tunes for this weekend trip.
The best, longest-live and more resistant gadget I ever had. And its sound is even now one of the best I can hear.
I think I'm going to write such as this post once every 8 years!

60Gb blue MKIIa +PCATS tuner on a Seat León 20vt FR