Back at the 2004 empeg meet (I think it was 2004 smile ) I met Nicola, AndyM had brought her along with his misses so they could go "shopping" and "sightseeing" in Amsterdam wink Since then we have been travelling between Leeds and Manchester to see each other almost every weekend.

A year last January I proposed while a little drunk on a Jagertee during an Austrian Ski trip. It was a long time coming as I had know I wanted to do it of some time, just couldn't find the right moment.

Finally the time has come to surrender my bachelor status and we have decided to tie the knot this coming September at a small family wedding, but the following Friday night (10th) we are holding a larger party for extended family and friends in Manchester (UK).

We'd like to invite you, the very special people of the empeg community, to join us if you wish. It's just a simple northern affair (think pie, beer, band). If you'd like to come along and share a few drinks as well as meet up with some old empeg buddies at the same time PM me and I'll put some details together.

We don't really want a bunch of internet randoms and lurkers turning up, so I'll keep any details on email or PM if that's ok.

I'd also like to thank all you lovely people in this community for being such a great bunch of chaps, and especially to Rob S and others for putting in all that effort and making the meets possible. Who would have thought buying a car radio could bring such long lasting happiness!