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#145638 - 04/03/2003 07:17 Re: Using a new harmony remote (768/748) with tivo. [Re: msaeger]

Registered: 09/09/2000
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Loc: Richmond, VA
Yeah -- it does look like Harmony Support has a presence on that forum, so that's nice.

#145639 - 04/03/2003 10:10 Re: Using a new harmony remote (768/748) with tivo. [Re: mschrag]

Registered: 09/08/2000
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Loc: Edinburgh, Scotland
Well, after trying a million multi remotes, the only one which works with all my home theatre stuff is the Sony Clie. And it's macros are brilliant - easily programmable. My favourite is the alarm clock function - turn on amp, wait for warm up, turn on speakers, turn on tv, change to kerrang channel and ramp up the volume.

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#145640 - 04/03/2003 11:00 Re: Using a new harmony remote (768/748) with tivo. [Re: frog51]
carpal tunnel

Registered: 08/03/2000
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Loc: Sterling, VA
Oh yeah, that's pretty much been the sole use of my Pronto for the past couple years! What's even better is that I have an IR<->RF translator for the X10 system, so I turn on my TV, turn to whatever chanell I want, then turn on all the lights as well

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