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#158887 - 04/05/2003 12:36 Streaming Audio TO the player ie SLIMP3 operation

Registered: 06/02/2002
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Loc: Leeds, UK
I suggested this in a previous post, but I felt it was slightly different from the Topic I posted under.

I would like to stream audio TO the player, abit like the SLIMP3. The player could contol a database stored remotely on a server, and even access internet radio stations etc...

I have done a quick search of the FAQ and BBS and can't find it mentioned, but please correct me if I'm wrong.



#158888 - 04/05/2003 13:06 Re: Streaming Audio TO the player ie SLIMP3 operat [Re: Cris]

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There was already some effort put into a their party player app, you can read about it here

As it's based on the Receiver code, playing files off a network should be its strongsuit. I don't think it ever got far enough along to be usable on a daily basis, but you could probably work out a way to pick between RioPlay and the regular player app on boot.