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#171738 - 22/07/2003 09:41 What ever happened to Castaway?
carpal tunnel

Registered: 18/01/2000
Posts: 5617
Loc: London, UK
I figure that this is good a place to ask as any.

Back when I was at University, there was a drink called a "Blastaway". It was an extremely potent mix of Diamond White and Castaway.

Diamond White is a white cider (that's hard cider to you USians), containing 7.5% abv. Castaway was a white-wine cooler drink. It was one of the first round of alcopops, and contained (IIRC) 5.5% abv.

Mixed together, these formed a Blastaway, which tasted like an extremely refreshing tropical drink (kind of like Lilt). Because of the ease with which these could be drunk, and the excessive alcohol content, they were extremely dangerous.

We drank many many pints of this stuff at University.

Unfortunately, you can no longer get Castaway.

I have two questions:

1. Does anybody know what happened to it?
2. Does anybody know of a modern-day alternative, for those occasions when trips down memory-loss lane are required?
-- roger

#171739 - 22/07/2003 09:47 Re: What ever happened to Castaway? [Re: Roger]
new poster

Registered: 11/04/2003
Posts: 14
3. Why in the crap would a dude drink that sissy stuff?

Have a beer man! If you had been caught drinking that stuff at CGNU, you would have gotten the crap beat out of you. Or at least you would have received one million punches in the face.
Holy Crap

#171740 - 22/07/2003 09:58 Re: What ever happened to Castaway? [Re: strong_bad]
carpal tunnel

Registered: 20/12/1999
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Loc: Seattle, WA
Not only that, but he's English, so even if he has a One, it wouldn't be a Cold One. They have their Ones warm. And as we all know, if a One isn't cold, it's hardly a One at all.
Tony Fabris

#171741 - 22/07/2003 10:09 Re: What ever happened to Castaway? [Re: Roger]
new poster

Registered: 11/04/2003
Posts: 5
When I was going to Yoonivewsity we dwank mewonade with fewmented was gweeeat...

But I nevew got to see any diamonds...this is making have to go weeeal bad...oh man, piwates aw bad fow yew

#171742 - 22/07/2003 12:59 Re: What ever happened to Castaway? [Re: Roger]
old hand

Registered: 14/04/2002
Posts: 1172
Loc: Hants, UK
Hmm... found this site (same pub?) which talks about white wine and orange juice. Would a cheap white wine (eg. Lliebfraumilch) do?