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#206142 - 22/02/2004 11:46 RMM auto update, didn't.
carpal tunnel

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Forgot to post this one. Out of the box, my Karma came with RMM 2.20 build 10 on the CD. When I launched it, no updates were found, and when the update program was manually run, it still didn't pick up anything. I then docked the Karma, and ran the update program. It saw the 1.41 firmware update and downloaded it, proving the internet link was working fine for RMM.

In the end I manually downloaded 2.40 build 9 from the support web site.

#206143 - 22/02/2004 13:46 Re: RMM auto update, didn't. [Re: drakino]
carpal tunnel

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Web releases are not necessarily in sync with RNS (auto update) releases for a variety of reasons I won't bore you with. The most recent release is always available from the web (including Betas sometimes).