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#215336 - 05/05/2004 15:22 Blinkin' Dot Doesn't Always Blink

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I've never heard of this, and admitedly it's such a tiny thing it doesn't seem worth fixing.

I'm running 2.0 Final with hijack. If I turn off the player with it in aux mode, and start again and switch back to the player, the dot that blinks on the dividing line to indicate how far into the song the player is doesn't blink until it goes on to the next song.

Can someone test this out on 3.0? As I said, really minor. But we strive for perfection around here, right?


#215337 - 05/05/2004 15:36 Re: Blinkin' Dot Doesn't Always Blink [Re: matthew_k]
carpal tunnel

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#215338 - 06/07/2004 13:08 Re: Blinkin' Dot Doesn't Always Blink [Re: tfabris]

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I think I can get it to vanish as well, with a similar combination of actions. My solution - wait till end of track and then it will automagically reappear for the next one.
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