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#219848 - 12/04/2001 22:02 A few technical details

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Just goof'n around, here's what I can see...

It looks like the control/command channel is HTTP. The server is running an HTTP server on a high port. It will server up display layouts and other files.

I see data that looks like NFS! Could that be how music files get from the server to the receiver?

Start the server with /Log:filename and you will get a log file. Not much interesting, but it's a start.

There's lot's of stuff about the Mercury server and Mercury protocol. Anybody know what this is?

This is running Linux. The distribution is named mercury.arf on the server. Just un-tar it and you have the Linux image!

Do you think there is some "hold down this odd combination of buttons and turn it on" sequence that get's you a shell?

#219849 - 13/04/2001 00:40 Re: A few technical details [Re: bha]

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I'd be surprised if there was any NFS traffic.

From the webpage detailing the Linux server - it all seemed to be HTTP, so I'nm not sure where the NFS stuff comes from.

Did you isolate all other machines on the network when grabbing the network output?

Have you got sensible network traffic output? Care to share?



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#219850 - 13/04/2001 08:12 Re: A few technical details [Re: phaigh]
carpal tunnel

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It boots with NFS, but fetches music via HTTP. There's no shell in the .arf file, but if you remove /sbin/init and put a /bin/sh in there you'll get a shell... on the internal 3.3v serial port, but you *will* get a shell :)

Don't open the .arf in winzip though, as it does not preserve the device nodes. Don't open the box unless you know what you're doing either, as there's an uncovered PSU in there.