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#222318 - 12/10/2002 12:37 Specific Debian install questions for the Central

Registered: 19/12/2001
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I'm on a mission. I want simple things like 'more' to work, and I'd love to get a telnet daemon to start with.

I saw that more didn't like the fact that wasn't installed, so I got the libncurses5_5.2.20020112a-7_i386.deb package. I looked around for installation options...
apt-get? Nope
dpkg? Nope
dselect? Nope

If these utilities aren't on the machine, how would one install a package? How do you install a package installer? Chicken / egg


#222319 - 14/10/2002 02:34 Re: Specific Debian install questions for the Central [Re: crocklobster]
carpal tunnel

Registered: 18/01/2000
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Loc: London, UK has a section on unpacking .deb files.

-- roger