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#223269 - 19/06/2003 06:10 New Dell DAR Owner

Registered: 18/06/2003
Posts: 19
What is the best software to use on the Dell Digital Audio Receiver. I just bought one off of ebay with 1.01b level of software. I downloaded the 1.03 from the sonicblue website. What is the best software to use or combination of software to use? I would like to create some playlists easily if possible.

BTW, I have my DAR stationed downstairs in my house and my computer upstairs. The are connected though a wireless access point and a wireless bridge. It seems to work great when my router is functional... I have a new router on order to hopefully solve connection problems as my router seems to 'cycle' and I lose connection between all devices.

Thanks in advance!


#223270 - 19/06/2003 10:18 Re: New Dell DAR Owner [Re: adamcb]

Registered: 03/12/2001
Posts: 332
Loc: UK
Welcome to the club.

The software supplied with the units works just fine so long as:
1. you don't want to play any ogg or flac recordings
2. don't want internet radio

If you want these, you have decide on which client and server combo to use:


1. Some folks find the thought of installing JReceiver quite daunting, but it's not actually that difficult and I'd strongly recommend it. Make sure you install version 0.2.5 though.

2. The original software does work with all of the clients (but is more limited than JReceiver).


1. tRio does not work too well in wireless set ups and so I won't recommend it for you at this stage

2. both of the other clients (RRR and RioPlay) support internet radio multiple codecs, so either should work great for you.

Good luck
Paul (the tRio guy)

#223271 - 19/06/2003 10:23 Re: New Dell DAR Owner [Re: pauln]

Registered: 18/06/2003
Posts: 19
Thanks pauln!

I have installed jReceiver... the only issue I had installing was with MySQL. Apparently one of the commands to connect to the SQL database is a little different in the latest version... or something didn't install correctly. But I think everything is up and running, now I just need to try to connect to the DAR.

Does the original client work with internet radio? Is that a feature the clients must support?

thanks for the reply!