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#223519 - 23/08/2003 15:05 tRio - ARM vs Jrec

Registered: 02/09/2002
Posts: 36
Loc: Saint Louis
I'm just curious if anybody else has played around with using ARM and JREC with tRio... I've noticed that when moving between songs (especially with the remote) while using Jrec - there is about a 2 second wait before the next song starts. This isn't a pause since the music is still playing - it's just that you hit the forward or backwards button and there's a 2 second delay.

When using the ARM as the backend, hitting the previous or back buttons stops the music right away and advances to the next song.

I was just curious if anybody else noticed this same behavior... While in no way serious - it does seem to take a really long time to jump through the playlists and gives it a seemingly sluggish feel.

While I really do like the new version (2.5) of Jrec - the fact that Jrec still can't index all of my songs correctly (something about mp3 tags too long) and the weird delay in Trio makes me keep switching back to the ARM player on Windows.


#223520 - 24/08/2003 03:54 Re: tRio - ARM vs Jrec [Re: basf_audio]

Registered: 03/12/2001
Posts: 332
Loc: UK

With ARM I sometimes need to retreive all the info for a song before adding to the play queue - so queueing is slower under ARM, but skipping is faster. With jrec, the details are only retreived when the tune start playing - so queuing is faster, but skipping is slower.

I might have a look see if I can optimise this, but no promises.

Paul (the tRio guy)