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#223571 - 27/08/2003 13:51 a-z >> artist >> album >> song navigation PLEASE!

Registered: 27/08/2003
Posts: 8
a-z >> artist >> album >> song navigation. Why hasn't anyone done this?

Found this on the feature request for trio, no one has picked it up and done it, but I feel it is essential. Any thoughts? Any apps out there let you modify how the navigation works?

Flipping the dial 500 times to get to the middle of the alphabet is extremely annoying! Come on guys, I have around 1000 artists and need some help!


#223572 - 27/08/2003 14:10 Re: a-z >> artist >> album >> song navigation PLEASE! [Re: ievolve]

Registered: 30/12/2002
Posts: 53
The best workaround I have found is to use the remote control to skip to the letter of the alphabet that you want. Saves some on turning the dial.