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#224085 - 05/11/2003 17:01 Firewall problems?
new poster

Registered: 30/11/2001
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My rioreceiver has been working fine on my local network for quite some time until now.

I recently installed a cable modem and a router so that all the machines on the network can access the internet. In addition I installed a firewall (blackice PC protection).

I can get the rio receiver to work if I disable the firewall, but that's it. Since there is no way to set the device to a static IP I have no way to allow that device to access the network that I am aware of.

There has to be a simple solution?



#224086 - 06/11/2003 03:39 Re: Firewall problems? [Re: alfaguy]
carpal tunnel

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If you've got a cable modem and a router (which presumably includes a firewall), why are you installing another firewall on your PC?

Is it that you don't trust the other PCs on your network?

Anyway, you just need to punch some holes in the firewall on your PC. How you do this depends on your firewall software. Just open the particular ports required by the Receiver.

I don't remember which they are off the top of my head, unfortunately.

Otherwise, just because the Receiver uses DHCP doesn't mean that its IP address won't be stable. It depends on your router. My WRT54G was crap at handing out stable IP addresses. My DSL604+ was good at it.
-- roger