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#244650 - 24/12/2004 14:02 Carbon Won't Fully Start Up
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Registered: 24/12/2004
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I just got my Carbon yesterday and after I loaded all my songs when it starts up it goes through a series of screen (New Content, Integrating, etc.) but then when it gets to the screen that says "Playlist" with a bar under it, the bar fills up about halfway and then turns a lighter shade and just stays there. I've already formatted once to see if that helped and I also have the latest firmware so I have no idea what the problem is.

#244651 - 24/12/2004 14:52 Re: Carbon Won't Fully Start Up [Re: JKemp3688]

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Try this: Connect and access it via Explorer (It should show up as an extra drive) and delete any playlists (.pl, .m3u, etc.)out of the directories. Then disconnect and retry the boot. Perhaps there is a corrupted playlist in there...