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#248392 - 25/05/2006 20:35 Re: UPnP version available? [Re: meshferg]
new poster

Registered: 22/05/2006
Posts: 3
I left the xercesImpl.jar in the lib directory and added it to the CLASSPATH. I don't see where that's a generated (actually, the build.xml only generates trio-applet and trio, so I left the rest as dependencies for the above).

Why? Is there a better way?

#248393 - 29/06/2006 14:05 Re: tRio and UPnP [Re: pauln]
new poster

Registered: 28/01/2006
Posts: 13
The TwonkyVision website (quoted in first message in this thread) suggests that the download is a "trial" and will "terminate after 30 minutes".
Have they changed their licensing since that first post, or is it not really a trial?

#248394 - 16/08/2006 00:26 Re: UPnP - I broke it again. [Re: meshferg]

Registered: 02/04/2002
Posts: 10
I had tRio 0.1.7 up and running for a few months. Did a FC5 upgrade, and broke it again.

Still running java 1.4.2_07

every thing looks ok in the logs, but the boxes are not pull down thier firmware, It's not getting past the ssdb broadcast. I can see the dhcp in ethereal, and the box looking for ssdb.

when I turn up the debug level on the logs, I see a bunch of " (no security manager: codebase disabled)" which do not sound healthy. Any thoughs to what to check or look for?

I put a copy of the log file at:


#248395 - 21/05/2007 05:31 Re: tRio and UPnP [Re: pauln]
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Registered: 30/08/2000
Posts: 35
I know this is a bit of dead thread, but does anybody know what the current situation is ? Any news from Paul ?
It would be great to see this up and running again.


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