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#249931 - 19/02/2005 19:08 I want a Mac Mini!

Registered: 15/01/2002
Posts: 183
I have never owned a Mac and to be quite honest I have no practical reason for buying one. But after a trip to the local Apple store today I got to play with a Mac mini. Now I want one based on coolness factor alone.

If nothing else I could see this being an excellent in-car computer.

#249932 - 19/02/2005 19:12 Re: I want a Mac Mini! [Re: clsmith]
carpal tunnel

Registered: 24/12/2001
Posts: 5528
I got given a mini for my birthday and it's quite nice. I've still not found a use for it but it's nice to play

Only thing is that there are issues regarding the DVI output and certain displays. If you're going to be using the mini with a LCD then you might want to check it works first. I can't run my mini at 1280x1024 with my Compaq LCD without flickery pink lines appearing. If I use a lower resolution then it works fine. *shrug*

#249933 - 23/02/2005 08:00 Re: I want a Mac Mini! [Re: tman]
carpal tunnel

Registered: 17/01/2002
Posts: 3979
Loc: Manchester UK
I got given a mini for my birthday

You lucky git, I had to make do with a desk.

Andy M