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#256637 - 23/05/2005 01:15 Karma File Taxi on Linux USB?

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Hi all,

I'm a convert to the Karma - while its playlists aren't as flexible as the empeg-car, it's a smooth, slick little unit that impresses pretty much everyone that asks about it. It should keep me well happy on my coming trip overseas - the fifteen hour flight from SYD -> LAX won't faze it at all.

I'd like to use it as a file taxi, at least until my normal portable hard drive is repaired and back in working order. However, it seems that the Java programs that run on Linux to use the Karma in File Taxi mode rely on it using Ethernet, and I can't be bothered bringing the dock and power supply as well as the Karma to work. Fedora's hwbrowser can see the Rio Karma on the USB chain, but it doesn't show up as a drive (probably for good reasons). Is there any way to get file transfer via USB happening on Linux?

Thanks in advance,

Owner of Mark I empeg 00061, now better than ever - (Thanks, Rod!) - and Karma 3930000004550

#256638 - 23/05/2005 04:43 Re: Karma File Taxi on Linux USB? [Re: PaulWay]
carpal tunnel

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Is there any way to get file transfer via USB happening on Linux?

No. the Karma is a USB mass-storage device, but uses a filesystem that's not understood by Linux (or Windows, in fact -- RMM has built-in support).

Also, IIRC, there's some juju that has to happen over the USB channel to get it into mass storage mode, which would preclude simply creating separate partitions on the disk.

As far as I'm aware -- unlike the newer flash players that are USB mass storage devices, and use FAT32 -- there are no firmware upgrades that do anything about this.
-- roger