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#266086 - 27/09/2005 01:16 Terminal-indpendant searches (not a real wish)

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"Terminal-indpendant searches" is the best way I could think to describe:
Searching for a string which exists anywhere in a database field, not just at the begining.

Maybe "context-free searches" or "substring searches"? Regardless, I swear I have song with "Mussolini" in the title, but I don't know where or by whom. Of course, a Windows file search found nothing, but it might be cool if the empeg could substring search also.

Which leads to another thought: themed playlists via searches. "I want to hear all songs with the word 'Monday' in the title." A fun exercise for home use, but doesn't work on the empeg for the same terminal-dependant (aka: always starts at the begining) searches.

Not a real request, just an idea.
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#266087 - 27/09/2005 06:59 Re: Terminal-indpendant searches (not a real wish) [Re: FireFox31]
carpal tunnel

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"substring searches"?

This would be a more sensible name for it.
-- roger