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#286639 - 14/09/2006 13:27 2006 Renault Megane wrapper for my Mk2a
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Round one finished in time for the meet - phew!

This is my first Empeg, a Mk2a which I bought off Ebay with a dead display in May. Quick trip to see Schofe; all as good as new again - Cheers Rob!
I then upgraded the single 30Gb to a 80Gb, which should keep me going for the foreseeable future.

It's wrapped in my 2006 Renault Megane 2.0T Dynamique Sport Hatch, which I've had for two months now. I know the "ass" isn't to everybody's taste, but I've always been a fan of odd-looking Renaults, for some strange reason.

It's took me this long to pluck up the courage to have my baby molested by Cambridge Car Audio. Didn't fancy tackling my first amp install myself, but I will next time! The amp is a JBL GTO-755.6, which is hooked up to a Fli Trap 10" Twin sub.

The other speakers remain as the O.E. units for the moment, while I save up my pennies for something "tastier". Happy to report that they're taking the power pretty well; no distortion as far as I can tell. Renault offer an option of a 4 x60W unit, and I suspect that they're all the same speakers regardless.

In view of the lack of tuner modules around, I opted for a Revo DAB unit, which I picked up off Ebay at the reasonable price of 90. I know that this means that I lost the use of the Renault remote stalk, but I can't get an interface box, as they're not available so far.

Cambridge Car Audio were very damning of the Revo; reckon they've a load of rubbish, and that they've gone bust(?). In the end they didn't bother fitting it "due to the reflective screen, which wouldn't work with the stick-on aerial". Shame they forgot the big conversation I had with them that I'd worked out that the aerial is DAB compatible, and that they were going to fit an Autoleads DAB aerial splitter. Due to my newbie status at dealing with pro fitters, I must take my share of the blame for not communicating effectively (enough!) with them, but there you go.

So I came away with the splitter and fitted it and the unit myself, on a bit of homemade bracketry. Had a problem trying to connect two female connectors together, but I chopped the male plug off the stick-on aerial and stuffed the wires into the splitter connector, all held together with lashings of tape. Signal strength clean and green despite the bodge! I thought about trying to track down a female-to-female coupler, but then it would all stick out too much, so leaving it "as is" for the moment...

Here's the Empeg & Revo in situ:

Looking forward to meeting you all this weekend!
Mk2a 030102956 1x80Gb Blue Ring 'O' Lights

#286640 - 14/09/2006 13:55 Re: 2006 Renault Megane wrapper for my Mk2a [Re: Springheel]
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Welcome to the BBS, and nice install too! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.