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#287817 - 03/10/2006 17:38 Thanks to Mark Lord and Tony Fabris

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I have yet to set these two babies up in the living room (not yet installed the CAT-5 in my new house) but I have run them in here in my computer room quite happily.

The fan in the dock is quieter than all my other hardware, so all I notice is a slight change in airflow. Cheers Mark - a lovely piece of kit.

And thanks to Tony who helped me figure out my newbie mistakes with the Receiver. All working fine - now I just need to figure out how to set my server up to stream it Shoutcast and I'll be sorted.

<happy bunny>

288270-kit.jpg (399 downloads)

MkIIa, blue lit buttons, memory upgrade, 1Tb in Subaru Forester STi
MkII, 240Gb in Mark Lord dock
MkII, 80Gb SSD in dock

#287818 - 03/10/2006 17:47 Re: Thanks to Mark Lord and Tony Fabris [Re: frog51]
carpal tunnel

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(Rory won his dock by having the highest score in the Hijack Break-Out game competition at the Cambridge Meet).

You're welcome, Rory!


#287819 - 03/10/2006 17:54 Re: Thanks to Mark Lord and Tony Fabris [Re: frog51]
carpal tunnel

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Quite welcome for the Receiver help. Glad you've got it working for ya.
Tony Fabris