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#290576 - 21/11/2006 11:51 Digital Audio Format from Decoder to DAC?

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A few years ago I tried to add digtal out to a Dell receiver. Unfortunately, it never quite worked no matter what format I configured the digital out board to receive (I2S, right justified, left justifed, etc). So I guess this question is for the original Empeg folks. Do any of you know what it is? It would help to narrow down the problem.

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#290577 - 28/04/2007 07:08 Re: Digital Audio Format from Decoder to DAC? [Re: maczrool]
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I don't think it was anything special, ISTR it was standard I2S in fact - the BB DAC didn't have many options that I can remember. You can probably work out the exact format by looking in the receiver kernel source and the EP7212 CPU docs to see how it was configured.