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#298430 - 15/05/2007 18:42 Karma powers up fine, but won't play music

Registered: 24/05/2000
Posts: 107
Loc: UK
Hi All,

Just wondering if someone can help me.

I was lucky enough to acquire a Karma through the raffle at last years Empeg meet. It has worked fine, up until a few days ago.

It's got about 18GB of music on it, and still boots up just fine. I can navigate through playlists, select tracks and even rebuild the music database. There are also no bad tracks listed.

However, when I select a track it just refuses to play. The timecode indicator remains on 0:00. I can move forwards and backwards through the track listings, but cannot fast forward or rewind with a track.

Has anyone seen this before? Is there a solution?



#298431 - 16/05/2007 13:48 Re: Karma powers up fine, but won't play music [Re: Bagpuss]

Registered: 27/02/2004
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Loc: London
I had something like this once, I think the only way I got it to work again was to delete all the music and reload

#298432 - 28/05/2007 09:02 Re: Karma powers up fine, but won't play music [Re: Bagpuss]
carpal tunnel

Registered: 19/05/1999
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Loc: Palo Alto, CA
Try upgrading from recovery mode (hold menu then power on). ISTR there's an "erase everything" tickbox in the upgrader?

That should probably fix it - it sounds like something in a state file has got borked. You'll lose the content from there unless you copy it off first (obviously)