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#3154 - 31/08/1999 07:55 bit rates

Registered: 18/08/1999
Posts: 202
Loc: philadelphia pa
is there an audible difference between 128 and 160 kbps? also, is there a significant difference in file size between the two?


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#3155 - 31/08/1999 10:00 Re: bit rates [Re: jstrain]

Registered: 23/08/1999
Posts: 129
Loc: Toronto, ON, Canada
The short answer, yes. I, personally, can tell the difference between 128, 160, 192 and 256 - each one has a noticible decrease in the amount of artifacting in each sample - that's the effect where it sounds tinny or has a "digital" effect, mostly in the higher ranges.

For example, the sample that ships with the unit is the worst - it was so bad it I couldn't delete it fast enough. Not because it wasn't good music, but because it was horribly distorted with artifacts.

As for file size, the VBR files I generated in my test were about a meg larger than the ones encoded at 128kb, but the difference in sound quality is well worth the extra space.

#3156 - 10/09/1999 21:12 Re: bit rates [Re: NasalGoat]
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Registered: 01/09/1999
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Loc: Indiana
Just curious what program you are using to create your mpg files. I am currently using MusicMatch Jukebox with the setting at VBR 100%. Any opinions on that? They sound pretty good to me but then I dont have a very high end sound system.