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#33731 - 22/07/2001 23:16 Re: Review/Recommendation sighting [Re: Ezekiel]
carpal tunnel

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By what I see of the Displayserver 1 applet, it's pure Java. Basicially Javascript controlling java would be seen as HTML links or buttons sitting outside the grey Java box controlling it. On displayserver, you are clicking directly on the java applet.

I'll have to dig up my PCMCIA sleeve for the iPaq and play around with it soon.


#33732 - 23/07/2001 13:15 Re: Review/Recommendation sighting [Re: drakino]

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Let me know what you find. I'm like the blind man and the elephant here... I guess part of my confusion is that the link for 'applet in current window' is empeg.html and 'applet in a new window' is jscript.html. Trying to open 'applet in a new window' does nothing (although this could be that I don't have Jeode configured correctly) and 'current window' results in the grey screen with 'JeodeJVM Plugin' flashing. Is there a way to call the displayserver Java app directly (without going through the browser interface)? So close...


just say you weren't paying much attention...

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