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#371221 - 24/08/2018 21:07 FS: MK1, MK2a, with a whole bunch of accessories/extras

Registered: 30/06/2008
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Hi everyone,

Several years ago I retired my Empegs from active service (replacing my car head unit with something which supported bluetooth by default), and since then they have been sitting in a box with the wardrobe. While I was hoping to one day find the time to have a play with the kernel, unfortunately real life has all but put an end to that dream. Having a clean up the other day I rediscovered them, and decided it was time to pass them on, hopefully to a collector or someone who will continue to appreciate them.

I'm selling everything I have empeg related, which includes:

(Photos at )

- MK1, Serial number 222. Working condition although the enclosure has seen better days. Green face plate. There's a couple of lumps on each the sides from when it was mounted in a car which the sled wouldn't fit it - these could probably be flattened out. Also the holes for the side screws were tapered a bit to make them sit more flush for the same reason. Still fit's in it's sled, although it's tighter than it would normally be. One of the base mounting screw mounts has come off, but is still included if someone wants to reattach it, doesn't affect anything. One of the lid attaching nuts for the screw is missing and that corner of the enclosure is a bit bent. Also the original screws disappeared a long time ago, but have been replaced with compatible screws. They're a little longer than the original screws, but seem to be fine otherwise. The sides of the plug on the back have broken off, but this has no real effect. Comes with a 30gb drive, although I think the drive is dying, as I had issues reformatting it, but it is working for now.

Video of MK1:

- MK2a, Serial number 40104199. Very good/excellent working condition. Blue faceplate. Comes with 120gb drive, which seems to be working alright.

Video of MK2a:

- Sled for MK1 and MK2a. Also additional sled wiring harness for MK2a.

- Remote for MK1 and Remote for MK2a. Only 1 working battery though.

- Power supply with changeable power cord (will throw in AU style cord)

- Rio Car manual, software CD, and original box

- USB cable, Serial Cable, Network cable and USB to serial adaptor (although the adaptor didn't seem to work 100% properly and I ended up digging out an old computer with a serial port on the motherboard for most of it).

- Some additional mounting hardware (not sure if it's related to the empegs, I think it came with the MK2a when I bought it)

- Hex Key for removing MK2a faceplate. Additional compatible screw from the MK1.

- Laptop PATA IDE to SD Card (I was never able to get this working with the empegs, so not sure it's compatible)

- What I believe from memory is a home made surge guard for the empeg 1 when it's wired in the car you don't get the loud pop when turning the car on and off.

Photos of everything can be found here:

Videos are here:


Ideally I'd like to sell as a complete lot (and be happy to sell the whole lot cheaper than the individual components), but can split up if wanted.

Looking for offers, please keep in mind buyer pays shipping from New Zealand. Let me know what you want and I can get an estimate of shipping.


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#371267 - 24/09/2018 22:14 Re: FS: MK1, MK2a, with a whole bunch of accessories/extras [Re: JimCamel]

Registered: 30/06/2008
Posts: 63
Now sold.