I'm clearing out some stuff i found. Hope to find a good place for this as my current cars ... not possible to add one without big effort.

1 Rio MK2 Red Faceplate with Car Sledge, 32GB CF-card. This Device was used for years.
1 Rio MK2 Blue Faceplate with Car Sledge, 10GB HDD. Pretty new in Box. Was just kept as a spare and updated from time to time.
1 PCATS (not sure anymore) Tuner
1 Blue Faceplate
1 Green Faceplate
2 Original Manuals

Shipping worldwide from Switzerland, but please ask for a quote as Swiss Post is pretty expensive.

Happy to take offers.
proud owner of a Mk2A.... one of the latest in stores :-)
Built into an 94' Audi 100 S4 4.2 quattro -= 300 HP and Linux in it =-
feels great !