Hi all,

I have 3 empegs still running. 2 in Jeeps and one in my garage. However my Yamaha "entertainment" amp in the garage finally died (was really rocking out one day and something went). I never did like it much as it was geared for TV, effects and the like. Not just good audio, what I want.

Anyway, any recommendations on a new amp (don't want an old one and have the caps crap out in a couple years) for my empeg?

My main driver clear clean audio and probably a little more than average power. I live in the sticks so after a few beers I sometime crank it up.

I have a powered sub, KLM speaker (not the best but OK) and my budget in under $1k.

Seems like some amps like more input power than the empeg supplies and the volume is lower than the amp can produce. So I think I want one with a low input voltage requirement???

Also wondering what class I should look at. Seems like class A would be want I want but that might not put out enough power to suit me. Or heat up and burn down the garage. A friend says class D. I don't know