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#40273 - 04/10/2001 16:30 Case Logic PSOne carry case Review

Registered: 22/07/1999
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Just wanted to let you know we have a few more options for carrying cases now that similarly-sized products are getting bigger in the market. I just picked up a CaseLogic PSOne carrying case at CompUSA for about $20. It's got room enough for all my Mk1 gear, with plenty of storage space left over, both flat and "volumous". What's more, is it's as tight or loose a fit as you want, because the velcro-sided divider is strong enough to hold the empeg in place either sideways or facing out. This also provides for a bit more padding than the empeg-supplied one.
The downside is that it looks a little "man-bagish" with either the hand or sholder strap clicked in.

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_~= Dearing =~_
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#40274 - 05/10/2001 03:12 Re: Case Logic PSOne carry case Review [Re: Dearing]

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I just wanted to say that for my Emepg II and my Remote , I use the Neo35 carrying case and it's good too.

Yes, you cant take all stuff like Home Power Supply but I use to take My Empeg to my car and when I am at job dont want to play with my Empeg.

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