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#41131 - 18/03/2002 14:37 Re: Anyone recommend a good track? [Re: Audio]

Registered: 25/02/2002
Posts: 32
Loc: Europe
Hi Audio. Sorry to disappoint Flappy but it's a she - Meg is her name, and she guards the Rio daily while it is plugged into my PC.

#41132 - 24/08/2002 11:07 Re: Anyone recommend a good track? [Re: ]

Registered: 21/12/2001
Posts: 326
Loc: Mission Viejo, California
In reply to:

Dude, that song is a classic. Along with the theme song from Saved by the Bell....

"If the teacher pops a test, I know I'm in a mess, and my dog ate all my homework last night. Riding low in my chair, she won't know that I'm there, if I can turn it in tomorrow it'll BE ALL RIGHT. It's....allll....riiiight, cause I'm saved by the bell."

Do they have that show in Canada? What about the UK?

You punk! I went my whole entire childhood not knowing what the hell he was saying... now that I know it's just not the same .

Kinda reminds me of (no, it's not a gay porn site)
John Heathco - 30gig MKIIa w/ tuner module

#41133 - 25/08/2002 17:50 Re: Anyone recommend a good track? [Re: jheathco]

Registered: 09/09/1999
Posts: 1721
Loc: San Jose, CA
I heard a clip from the theme song to Charles in Charge (!) on the radio the other day. Now that one is a classic :-p.


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