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#4853 - 11/08/1999 17:34 Beautiful
carpal tunnel

Registered: 25/06/1999
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Loc: Wareham, Dorset, UK
I'm not getting much sleep tonight [grin]

What can I say? It's absolutely *gorgeous*. Every penny, and every second's wait, has been worth it. For those of you sat back there on the end of the list - **grit your teeth and stick it out**, 'cos it'll be your turn soon. Hang on in there guys; this is the *business*.

The case is beautiful, well made and well finished; the unit is meaty and solid; the remote is just *right*, and the graphics - well,
the graphics .......

Even my wife reckons it's the dog's tackle. There's been both of us, and 3 of our neighbours, stood round it on the table in the dark
listening to "Dark Side of the Moon" though the HiFi, grinning like idiots watching those tantalising blue dots hypnotise you.
with their magic. I can't describe it, this is seriously brilliant gear.

Hugo, you and the guys deserve a truly huge pat on the back for this thing - what a wonderful achievement.

Now if only I had USB - it's taking bloody *ages* to download via serial!

One of the few remaining Mk1 owners... #00015

#4854 - 14/08/1999 12:09 Re: Beautiful [Re: schofiel]

Registered: 08/06/1999
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Loc: Cambridge, UK
Seconded. This thing is good. Beautifully engineered, well worth the wait.
I'm going to have to get Win98 on my laptop though- Serial's OK for a CD or two,
but dull dull dull.
I wonder if there's any chance of getting a chassis in stainless or aluminium-
lighter (if ally), and less chance of rusty fingerprints in a few years.
Anyway, well done, Empeg people, and it's back to ripping the CD collection...

(List 134, SN 00035)

#4855 - 17/08/1999 08:19 Re: Beautiful [Re: steve]
carpal tunnel

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The whole case is stainless steel - it shouldn't rust. As for aluminium - maybe, but the cost would be frightening for us to do a separate production run of cases in aluminium.