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#522 - 10/09/1999 01:47 Competition?

Registered: 08/07/1999
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I'm sure they guys at EMPEG have seen this, and different horses for different courses, but anyone interested in the concept that EMPEG have, but not entirely happy with the implementation of it... should maybe look at

- Given two theories.... pick the one that sounds funniest -
- Given two theories.... pick the one that sounds funniest -

#523 - 10/09/1999 10:23 Re: Competition? [Re: 0sb0rne]
carpal tunnel

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It's what a lot of people have been asking for - a portable MP3-CD player - I'm sure some will buy it and like it.

...but I think that these people will see an empeg and be jealous. 200 songs per disc is fine, but it's not thousands, it's not instant access (you've got to change CDs), and there's no database managing all your music.

Still, it'll help raise awareness of compressed audio - which is a good thing.