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#5449 - 17/04/2000 17:00 Audi A4 w/CD changer?
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Registered: 17/04/2000
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Loc: California, USA
I just purchased a 99 Audi Avant with the Bose stereo option as well as a 6 disk CD-changer mounted in the trunk. (I'm pretty impressed with the sound. The mid-range is kinda weak, but otherwise it sounds like the $3k unit in my friend's Explorer) I'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of my empeg, just like everyone else, but I know I'm going to run into a couple of problems when it comes.

1)The current cassette deck/changer control/FM tuner is oversized (wider than Euro DIN) Are there any face/mount adaptors for such a thing (I have seen them for the A3/S3 but is it the same unit for the A4 Avant?)
2)Is there any way to use my empeg to control my CD-changer? This would keep me from having to jerry rig another face plate somewhere in the car or run the Empeg into the main deck.
3)Are there any other issues with using the Empeg in the Bose system? Any wierd pre-amp issues I'm going to have to deal with?

Thanks in advance,


#5450 - 17/04/2000 23:32 Re: Audi A4 w/CD changer? [Re: gschlumb]

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[1] Any decent installer will be able to help you with the installation of the empeg, Crutchfield and other after-market suppliers may be able to help you also.

[2] Not _yet_. Depending on the HD size of the unit you order, you may not want your changer. I still have my in dash CD player which is nice to play CDs on the way home from the shops before I encode it and for the radio (the reception of the current radio is ordinary sorry guys). If you had the option, wouldn't you rather swap music selection on the empeg rather that the changer? It is easy to under estimate the change this player has on your listening habits!

[3] Cabling may be the only other issue. mounting the amps and figuring out the speaker system wiring maybe. but I don't know *anything* about the car

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