Posted on behalf of Darkstorm

Ok everybody! The smoke tint Mark II/Rio faceplates are made and ready to go!

To those of you that have ordered already, I thank you for your patience. They will start shipping out this week.
The reason it has taken so long is that I had to special order the material. Sixteenth inch smoke tint plexiglas is apparently a special order item and cost me more.

Unfortunately because of this I am going to have to go up in price on the Mark II faceplates to $25 US.
All of you who already ordered before today are safe. I will absorb the extra cost, but any new order will be at the new price.

Mark 1 price is the same. As is the shipping.

I will notify each of my customers by email when their faceplate(s) go out.


$20 ea. Clear or Smoke Mark I faceplate/lens
$20 ea. Clear Mark II/Rio Lens
$25 ea. Smoke Mark II/Rio Lens
$25 ea. Colored Mark I faceplate/lens
$30 ea. Colored Mark II/Rio lens


$3.50 up to 2 panels by Priority Mail to the United S