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#5806 - 19/08/1999 17:30 Change to resume behaviour
carpal tunnel

Registered: 10/06/1999
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One change that I would like to see is to the behaviour when you wake the unit from suspend. At the moment if you push one of the buttons on the unit to wake it the normal action of that button is then carried out. This means that you have to "pause/play","next track","prev track" or "menu" every time you wake it. It would be better if pushing a button just woke it without carrying out the normal function of the button as well.

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#5807 - 21/08/1999 08:22 Re: Change to resume behaviour [Re: andy]

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I consider the current behaviour to be a bug and the behaviour you describe to be correct. Watch out for a fix in future releases.

Mike Crowe
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