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#71092 - 13/02/2002 19:43 Total Recorder for Mac?

Registered: 13/01/2002
Posts: 1649
Loc: Louisiana, USA
Does anyone know of a program with the same functionality as Total Recorder that will work on a Mac?

For those of you that don't know what Total Recorder is, it's a nifty little program that can output an uncompressed WAV file of whatever digital audio is headed for your sound card. It will allow you to make MP3s of streaming audio as well as "protected" audio formats such as AAC and WMA.

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#71093 - 14/02/2002 06:25 Re: Total Recorder for Mac? [Re: maczrool]

Registered: 05/05/2000
Posts: 623
Loc: Cambridge
I don't have a suggestion, but if there is something out there capable of it, it'll probably be listed on VersionTracker.