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#89574 - 21/04/2002 07:13 Parking brake is affecting the empeg?!?
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Ok, this is really bizarre.

Since I upgraded to 2.0b11 and hijack, the following behavior occurs:

1) I start my car with the empeg in it.
2) The empeg starts booting up
3) I disengage the hand brake (?!?) and the moment the brake is fully disengaged, the empeg loses power (goes to sleep), then immediately wakes back up with the little battery icon on the screen.
4) This also happens again when I just press the button on the handbrake when I'm driving around and the brake is off!

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#89575 - 21/04/2002 08:42 Re: Parking brake is affecting the empeg?!? [Re: Narin]
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This sounds like either a mechanical problem with the brake button causing a short, the brake lights / sensors causing a short, or a loose power wire to the empeg loosing contact with the button press. Either way, the battery icon says the empeg is seeing voltage below its threshold (10v???). Something is causing a voltage drop at the botton press.

Check your wiring for anything loose that could be causing this. Look carefully at the wiring loom for a loose power wire, any connections you made, and especially anything running near your hand brake controls.

If you don't touch the hand brake, does it fully boot and function normally?
Paul Grzelak
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#89576 - 21/04/2002 09:51 Re: Parking brake is affecting the empeg?!? [Re: Narin]
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#89577 - 21/04/2002 17:31 Re: Parking brake is affecting the empeg?!? [Re: Narin]

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As for what's causing this voltage drop...

On my car, i have daytime running lights. These lights are off when my parking brake is engaged, but switch back on when i release it. If your car has a similar setup, maybe your headlights turning on is what's causing the voltage drop. That still isn't what i would call normal behaviour for your car's electrical system (unless you have 300W bulbs installed ), but that might explain what's going on in (3) although possibly not (4). If you have daytime running lights, see if they're switching on/off when you are playing with the parking brake.