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#98653 - 11/06/2002 13:08 Source for /album/song genre

Registered: 04/03/2002
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Loc: Lowell, MA
Where would be the best/definative place to look up the genre for a particular song or maybe even a whole album?

I'm using cdnow when I can but I notice it's pretty generalized and doesn't always match that of either the mp3's original tag and/or another sites genre listing for the song. Is there one definative site that has the exact genre for just about every song or can this type of thing get too opinionated for there to be a definative answer for some songs?
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#98654 - 11/06/2002 13:14 Re: Source for /album/song genre [Re: leftyfb]
carpal tunnel

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#98655 - 11/06/2002 13:20 Re: Source for /album/song genre [Re: leftyfb]
carpal tunnel

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Yeah, Loren's got it. Allmusic isn't perfect but it's the best thing out there. The search interface STINKS and makes using Perl to do it automagically almost impossible (probably by design so they can sell you some kind of product that uses it, like MusicMatch or something.) But the amount of data there is good, and most of the content is accurate.
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#98656 - 11/06/2002 14:25 Re: Source for /album/song genre [Re: tonyc]

Registered: 21/03/2002
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hey cool, i had all but given up (stuck it on the far back burner) on ever doing naything about the genre tag
thanks all

#98657 - 11/06/2002 14:50 Re: Source for /album/song genre [Re: Phoenix42]

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you are probably better off setting the genre yourself.

now as for the Year! heh. There really needs to be a database somewhere with all this crap. You probably could make a complex tool to crawl thru to pull the dates.

Like it was mentioned before, they dont make it easy, and its probably on purpose.
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#98658 - 11/06/2002 16:53 Re: Source for /album/song genre [Re: leftyfb]
old hand

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I can't comment on their genre accuracy but one I use sometimes (when allmusic fails me) is